Conference Coffee

The conference coffee facilitates connections and conversations between researchers. This year, we are planning two editions: online and on-site. Sign up to get connected to other SIGGRAPH 2022 attendees.

The Event

In short, the conference coffee-program will look as follows:

  • You are assigned to a group of 3-5 people based on your desired meeting time and research interests.
  • Before the conference, you will receive an email with the group assignment.
  • You are given a suggested time and place to meet in a group email. If the time does not work for you, you can reach out to your group members in this email.
  • You meet up!

We highly encourage conference coffee attendees to register for the SIGGRAPH conference.

Online and On-site

It is possible to join the conference coffee online as well as on-site. You can sign up for either event through the sign-up form below. Online participants will be matched separately from on-site participants.


Please use the button below to sign up for the conference coffee at SIGGRAPH 2022.

We will only use the information provided in this form to match you with other researchers and only your name and email address will be shared with other attendees to get in touch for a meeting.

Conversation Template

While you are entirely free to discuss anything, we provide a few topics which can serve as social facilitator, replacing the usual ‘coffee’.

  • Who are you?
  • Your research topics.
  • The talk you preferred so far.
  • What did you learn?
  • What did you not understand?
  • What do you look forward to see?
  • Group’s research topic.
  • Research organization of the Lab/University/Company you work for.
Organizing Committee