The RCDC@SIGGRAPH Mentorship team aims to foster mentoring relationships between members of the graphics community at various career stages. Goals of the team include the following:

  • Creating programs that help students navigate the graduate school application process
  • Pairing junior faculty and research scientists with advocates and mentors who can support them through processes like grant-writing and tenure review

Members of the Mentorship team are:

  • Undergraduate mentorship
    • Aditya Chetan, IIIT Delhi
    • Purvi Goel, Stanford University
    • Kamal Gupta, University of Maryland
    • Amarnath Murugan, IIT Bombay
    • Silvia Sellán, University of Toronto
    • Apoorve Singhal, IIT Kharagpur
    • Oded Stein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Shlomi Steinberg, University of California, Santa Barbara
    • Yue Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Zihong Zhou, South China Agricultural University
  • Junior scientist mentorship
    • Mirela Ben-Chen, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
    • Yotam Gingold, George Mason University
    • Qixing Huang, UT Austin
    • Bektur Ryskeldiev, Mercari R4D
    • Scott Schaefer, Texas A&M
    • Qi Sun, New York University
    • Niall Williams, University of Maryland